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Residential real estate transactions often present some of the most stressful deals in an individual’s lifetime. Many unsuspecting people allow a realtor to lead them into a deal without advising them on the ramifications of their choices. Don’t leave such a massive investment to chance, by hiring the Firm to do your transaction you can have your cake and eat it too.


Commercial leases are often littered with “boilerplate” clauses that are presented with little or no explanation. If you want to know what you’re signing, call the Firm today. We have substantial expertise in extremely complex leases and can make sense of the “Legalese.”



Estate planning and succession planning are tools to help you through the hardest times in your life. Sadly, estate administration is not only the most emotionally trying time in an executor/executrix’s lifetime, but also the most tax heavy time. Federal estate and gift tax, state inheritance tax, capital gains tax and countless other taxes are levied against you while you mourn. Taking this on by yourself is a huge mistake and will cause added grief. Unfortunately, if you wait until your loved-one passes away, you will find yourself at a disadvantage. By planning well in advance of health issues you will find the entire process runs smoother and substantially cheaper.


A properly planned estate is more than a Will. When it comes to estate planning and administration, no two clients are the same. Some focus on the tax savings generated by effective planning, others on asset preservation and creditor protection and still others focus on preserving a smooth probate and maintaining peace.


A properly planned estate often includes a will, a revocable living trust, health care power of attorney, a living will, a financial power of attorney, community property agreements/marital property agreements, and agent appointments to deal with remains. The Firm specializes in drafting, and interpreting these documents, which, along with your understanding of the purpose they serve, reflect your estate plan. The Firm is there with you, helping to foreshadow the inevitable consequences of our decisions today, for our heirs tomorrow.



The art of forming your own business is not simply a legal matter. However, neglecting the legal side will leave you unsure and that lack of confidence comes through in your dealing. The Firm offers organization, contracts, tax, and other legal consulting to give you peace of mind to do what you love. We don’t stop there, however. We will help you with business licenses, approval and registration with local, state and federal regulatory authorities, and in your dealings with each other as owners of a business. Moreover, we offer additional services involving branding your business, developing a web presence, marketing, and generally operating a respectable business operation.


In the practice of law and business, we deal in contracts at the crux of our transactions. These documents represent the entire discussion if you find yourself in a Courtroom, and yet many have little understanding of a large portion of their binding contracts. The Firm is, first and foremost, a transactional practice. It is always better to have us review anything you have been asked to sign. The peace of mind that comes from actually understanding all those boilerplate terms and legalese is exceeded only by the feeling of knowing you got a good deal on paper.


The Firm is here for you, your business, and your family with regard to drafting, interpretation, and enforcement of contracts of all kinds. For those individuals who are just starting a new business, we can offer direction regarding real estate purchases, leasing options, business formation, tax planning, employment contracts and business purchases. For those individuals or entities who have developed their business, we can offer a comprehensive review of legal issues which can arise during the growth stage of a business as well as offer guidance on business expansion through acquisition, merger or involvement with new investors.


In a situation whereby a party has breached your contract, all our drafting diligence will pay off in spades. However, even if you’re not sure about your legal position or power, call The Firm for a review. As a unit we will decide a cohesive, civil, and strong plan for taking action on breaching parties to protect your interests in this, and in future contracts with the breaching party.


Personal income tax is often a large headache, so we can imagine how one feels when they are confronted with estate tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax, transfer tax, property tax and the litany of additional taxes levied by Federal, State and Local governments. The Firm is here for you, with adequate planning we will minimize your tax burden by capitalizing on the code and defend you if you’re audited. It is every citizen’s responsibility to pay their fair share of taxes, but it is every diligent person’s responsibility to ensure they don’t pay a penny extra!

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